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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Youth/Education/Criminal Justice
#11 - Dr. Lynn Ponton, MD, psychiatrist, specialist in adolescent issues, and author of The Romance of Risk, talks about the fine line adolescents walk in choosing beneficial risks as opposed to potentially harm risks.

#12 - Sampad Kachuck, Director of Theater and an English teacher at Mt. Madonna School in Watsonville, CA, and an actor and stage director, talks about the various educational benefits of students1 participation in theater productions.

#17 - Dr. Reno Taini, founder and teacher of the Wilderness Program and Ropes Course since 1967, teacher of at-risk youths, and California Teacher of the Year in 1981, talks about the improvements he has seen over the decades in the lives of at-risk youths.

#23 - Dan Macallair, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, and Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at SF State University, talks about the treatment juveniles receive in our criminal justice system.

#24 - Dr. Mike Males, author of Framing Youth, The Scapegoat Generation and Why Joe Camel Is Still Smiling, sociology instructor at UC Santa Cruz, and Senior Researcher at the San Francisco Justice Policy Institute, talks about the bad rap youths receive in the media as far as the exaggerated reports of their involvement in criminal activity.

#27 - Carole Austen, Registered Art Therapist and founder of the Brain Integration Center, talks about proposed advances in educating so-called hyperactive and ADD children.

#60 - Veteran therapist, Michael Scott, MFT, describes some of the challenges of adolescence.

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