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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Social Movements and Sociology
#13 - Susan Samuels Drake, friend of Cesar Chavez for 31 years, his secretary from 1971-1973, and author of Fields of Courage-Remembering Cesar Chavez, describes some of her many experiences with Chavez.

#37 - Dr. Dana Frank, Professor of America Studies at UC Santa Cruz, co-author of Three Strikes and author of Buy American, and recipient of the Book of the Year Award from the International Labor History Association, describes a strike that was crucial to the development of the early American labor movement.

#45 - Dr. Melanie DuPuis, Assistant Professor of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz and author of Nature's Perfect Food, describes the role of milk in American sociological movements.

#75 & #76 - Gary Pisoni, maverick, award-winning wine producer, describes his family’s long history in agriculture, and how his passion for wine turned him into one of the world’s top producers of Pinot Noir, against all odds. Part 2 deals with wine appreciation. (Parts 1 and 2.)

#85 - Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Geography and American Studies and Ethnicity at U.S.C., elaborates on the Latino immigrant experience in the U.S.

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