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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Philosophy/Spirituality
#7 - Aaron Zerah, Interfaith Minister, author of The Soul's Almanac, and Director of the Interfaith Seminary, talks about the rising phenomenon of Interfaith as a viable religious movement.

#26 - Billy and Kristina Clift (brother and sister), co-founders of the Compassionate Church in San Francisco and longtime teachers of meditation, describe their church, their lives, and their work.

#34 - Daniel Hale Feldman, MA, author of Qabalah, former Associate Professor of Asian Studies and 30-year student of the Qabalah, describes his innovative interpretation of and teachings on the study of ancient Jewish mysticism.

#49 - Dr. Christian de Quincey, PhD in Philosophy and Religion, Professor of Philosophy at JFK University, Managing Editor of the IONS Review at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Radical Nature, describes the philosophy of Pan-Psychism, which endows all of nature with life and consciousness.

#57 - Brant Secunda, founder of Dance of the Deer Foundation, shaman, healer and ceremonial leader in the Huichol Indian tradition of Mexico, describes that tradition.

#83 - Dr. Christian de Quincey, who holds a dual PhD in Philosophy and Religion, is a Professor of Consciousness Studies at JFK University, and is the author of “Radical Nature” and “Radical Knowing,” explains that our individuality derives from our relationships, and not vice versa.

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