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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Health/Complementary Medicine
#18 - Lisa Conte, president and CEO of Shaman Botanicals and Shaman Pharmaceuticals Inc., and former venture capitalist, talks about her company's pioneering work in developing and marketing new herbal formulas.

#29 - Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz, Chiropractor since 1980, Symmetrical Movement teacher since 1978, and firewalking instructor since 1990, talks about the connections between emotional and physical health, and the various benefits of chiropractic and proper physical movement, and demonstrates his program of using sticks in programmed physical movement.

#36 - Dr. David Sadowsky, acupuncturist and Neurofeedback Therapist, demonstrates and describes the benefits of Neurofeedback, a type of Bio-feedback.

#40 - Dr. Mara Mather, Psychology Professor at UC Santa Cruz and a post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford University, talks about the functions of the brain in memory.

#41 - Samuel Shay, holistic health practitioner, Certified Massage Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified BrainGym® Consultant, demonstrates and talks about his various fields of expertise in improving our physical and mental state of being.

#46 - Clara Felix, medical journalist, Nutritionist, Editor of The Felix Letter, and co-author of Omega=3 Phenomenon and Omega=3 Oils, and a pioneer in publicizing the importance of omega=3 oils, addresses the crucial role of omega=3 oils and Vitamin D in human health.

#51 - Dr. Warren Angelo, Chiropractor and Integrative Body Therapist, and Charlotte Carreira, BS, MA, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, describe their holistic health practices at Inquire Within.

#52 - Veteran Optometrists, Dr. David Farberow and Dr. Ron Emrich, describe common eye conditions and treatments.

#55 - Karl Maret, MD, Bio-Medical Engineer and Energy Medicine Expert, describes some of the breakthroughs in complementary medicine, such as the field of Energy Medicine.

#58 - Karl Maret, MD, Bio-Medical Engineer and Energy Medicine Expert, describes some of the principal sources and negatives effects of "Electro-smog," as well as some remedies.

#61 - Karel Maret, MD and Lesley Carmack, MS, describe the importance of maintaining a healthy heart, and the phenomenon of distance healing.

#66 - Patricia Rain "The Vanilla Queen", describes the uses, flavors, and economics of vanilla.

#69 - Warren Angelo, long-time chiropractor, integrative body therapist and holistic health practitioner, and Charlotte Carreira, wellness and lifestyle coach, talk about holistic health and commitment to wellness.

#74 - Virginia Shaeffer, complementary health practitioner, and Annette Hulett, Biologist and Psychotherapist, explain the principles of muscle response testing and NeuroLink.

#77 - Richard Goldberg, Nutritional Consultant and PhD candidate in Holistic Nutrition, busts some of the popular American myths surrounding health and nutrition, and provides practical information as to what constitutes a healthy diet.

#78 - Adam Atman, Licensed Acupuncturist, discusses the emotional component of health and disease, and explores the causes of some of the major modern degenerative pandemic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

#80 - Dr. Nancy Chen, Medical Anthropologist at U.C. Santa Cruz, and author of the forthcoming “A Spoonful of Sugar: Food, Medicine, Culture,” describes different cultural attitudes toward food, and how the Chinese approach to medicine and healing differs from the American concept. She also touches upon the burgeoning biotechnology industry in China.

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