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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Human Sexuality/Gender Issues
#9 - Dr. Robert Badame, Clinical Psychologist, a 20-year specialists in men's issues, and teacher of human sexuality courses to health professionals, talks about the phenomenon of the Alpha-Male.

#10 - Susie Bright, sexual activist, author of The Sexual State of the Union, and editor of The Best American Erotica 1999, talks about the state of sexuality and sexual awareness in the United States.

#15 - Dr. Carol Flinders, author of At the Root of this Longing, co-author of Laurel's Kitchen and Laurel's Kitchen Breadbook, author of Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics, and longtime member of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, talks about the emerging roles of women, about her books, and about the role of meditation in a healthy lifestyle.

#19 - Harvey Dosik, Certified Hynotherapist and creator of the "Sex, Lies & Changes" workshops; and Loic Jassy, Ph.D., MFCC, psychotherapist since 1980; address the various concerns of men in mid-life.

#25 - Rob Hopcke, psychotherapist since 1986, Director of the Center for Symbolic Studies, and co-author of A Couple of Friends, describes the special relationship that can exist between gay men and heterosexual women.

#31 & #32 - Douglas Abrams, author of The Multi-Orgasmic Man, and Rachel Abrams MD, family practice physician (both co-authors of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple), describe the benefits to one's physical and emotional health of practicing the ancient art of the Tao of Love.

#71 - Tricia Rose, Professor of American Studies at U.C. Santa Cruz, and author of two books, including "Longing to Tell-Black women talk about sexuality and intimacy," discusses various sexual myths regarding black women that have existed since the days of slavery.

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