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"Crescendo" -- Selected TV Programs
  • Death and Dying/Grief and Trauma
#21 - Jim Brigham, Clinical Social Worker since 1967 and hospice worker since 1987, talks about his work assisting the dying.

#38 - Alexandra Kennedy, Marriage and Family Therapist, Extension Faculty member at UC Santa Cruz, and author of Losing a Parent and The Infinite Thread, describes her process of resolving relationship and grief even after the death of a loved one.

#47 - Dr. Gabriel Constans, PhD in Death Education, founding member of the Santa Cruz Hospice Caring Project, former hospital chaplain, and author of Beyond One's Own-Healing Humanity in the Wake of Personal Tragedy, describes certain people (some who are now public figures) who have overcome great personal loss to bring hope and social change to society-at-large.

#48 - Dr. Fred Luskin, PhD in Counseling and Health Psychology, Director and Co-Founder of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, and author of Forgive for Good, talks about the process of healing from deep grief.

#59 - David Bercelli, explains his work in trauma recovery all over the world, particularly world "hot-spots," such as the Middle East.

#67 & #68 - Tom Cuthbertson and Myriam Coppens, both aid-in-dying advocates, explore the issue of assisted suicide. Parts 1 and 2.

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