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1st Step | Q & A | Clients

If you'd like to explore fiscal sponsorship with us:

  • Please read and respond BRIEFLY to the following 5 questions
  • Then email us your responses. Be sure to include a phone number.
  1. In 2-3 sentences, describe what you wish to accomplish - what's your project all about?
  2. How do you plan on raising funds for your project?
  3. How much funding will be required to complete the first full year of your project?
  4. Insurance: Do you understand that you'll need to obtain insurance for your project?
  5. Have you read and understood the guidelines below?

CMS Fiscal Sponsor Guidelines - Please read the following:
  • Our Fee - It's customary for a fiscal sponsor to receive a percentage of your revenues. Our usual fee is 10% of your gross revenues (before expenses). We ask for an initial payment of $1,000, which will be credited toward your 10% fee. If you renew continuously in subsequent, years - with no interruption - a minimum of $500/year will apply, likewise credited toward your 10% fee.
  • We only accept projects based in California.
  • Hands Off - We have no interest in controlling your project or meddling in the details of its execution. Our only concern is that all your activities and expenditures be permissible for a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Reports - We will request an annual report regarding your accomplishments.
  • Fundraising - You'll be able to actively solicit donations from donors only in states where we're registered to solicit (currently only in California).
  • CPAs - Some formal grant-making foundations require CPA-audited financial statements. However, CMS does not retain a CPA to create these statements (which cost $10K-$30K).
  • PayPal - We'll be happy to send you HTML code generated by PayPal which will create a donation button on your Web site.
  • Bank Account - At some point you'll need to set up an association-type checking account at a bank or credit union to receive funds that first land in our account (which they must). This will allow us to transfer funds to you as soon as they clear.